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Getting Modbury moving!

Our beginners classes are just like our bootcamps – designed to develop strength, endurance, and mobility that translates into everyday life.


The movements and drills are similar, but the intensity is reduced with longer rest periods. This class is suitable for the complete exercise novice (it’s in the name!)


We use a range of formats and techniques to keep sessions varied, fun and exciting – you never know what’s in store, but you’ll always end up sweaty and smiling!


Looking to lose weight?


If you are on a weight loss journey, these classes are perfect to get you moving. Regular, enjoyable exercise in a friendly group will guarantee your success in creating and maintaining healthy mind and body.


Read more about the principles of fat loss HERE


When and where?

Classes are held in Modbury – venue information will be available when booking

Tuesday 1100outdoors

Saturday 0915outdoors

Any questions? check out the FAQ’s below

Beginners FAQ

Where are you based?

Our outdoor classes are held at the Modbury Association of Recreation and Sport (MARS)

Get directions with Google maps here

Our indoor classes are held at the Modbury Memorial hall

Get directions with Google maps here

Can I park on site?

Yes – Both venues have free parking on site, however if you live within walking distance we encourage you to arrive on foot

Who is this suitable for?

To attend our sessions, you just need to be medically fit to exercise, and free from injury.* All of our sessions are set up so you can work at your own pace so you’ll never feel like you’re slowing anyone down!

*we can usually work around minor injuries and longstanding issues – in fact, these are often helped by a controlled, structured exercise programme. If you do have any significant injuries we recommend seeking advice from a qualified physiotherapist – we can refer you to local, trusted professionals if needed.

How do you make your classes COVID-19 safe?

Client safety is our top priority. Here are the measures we take to keep you safe and stop the spread:

  • No kit sharing during sessions
  • All kit is sanitised after every use
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at each session
  • Social distancing is adhered to during sessions
  • Attendance records are kept via our booking platform for track and trace
  • Face coverings are worn on arrival and departure from indoor classes

I’m really unfit! can I really do this?

In short, YES! These sessions are specifically for those new to, or returning to exercise. if you are able to walk or jog short distances and lift a light weight above your head, you’ll be fine – remember, you’ll always be working at your own pace!

Do sessions go ahead in the rain?

Of course! We continue to run sessions in (almost) all weather conditions. As such, it’s recommended to wear appropriate clothing.

Sounds awesome – How do I book?

To book classes with us, you’ll need to create an account on our booking platform.

If you haven’t created an account yet, you can do this quickly and easily HERE

What Our Customers Say

I was super impressed by bombers bootcamp! Before I started I was very nervous and felt my fitness levels would hold me back. I didn’t want to be embarrassed. But I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case at all.

I felt very welcome and well supported throughout. I will be going back again next week.

Sarah L

As someone who hates the gym I search out bootcamps/classes a lot and I can say that this is the absolute best I have been to! Instructor Tom was super clear and a great teacher and gave examples of the range of ways you could carry the exercise out if you wanted to increase or decrease difficulty. So it really is suited for everyone - even non gym buffs like me!

Such a great work out but also just really good fun - I had a smile on my face throughout! Wish I didn’t live in London so I could come every week!

Tess K

Fantastic boot camp! Instructor Tom was approachable and professional, helping everyone with form and challenging where necessary. A wide variety of abilities, the activities were adaptable to suit everyone from highly fit to newcomers.

Tom was happy to discuss the session and injuries before beginning, making sure we were happy and understood. Will definitely be signing up for a block of sessions!

Freddie D