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Trying to lose weight?

When we talk about weight loss, we are generally concerned specifically with the reduction of body fat, in order to reach a healthy body composition.


Find your ‘why’

To make progress, you need a reason. This is your personal driving factor for pursuing a fat loss goal.

This could be for your general health, aesthetics, performance, self confidence or any other personal reason.


How can I reduce my body fat levels?

In simple terms, you need to expend more energy than you intake – simple in theory, but harder to implement into real life, especially with so much mis-information out there.

Regular exercise is crucial for your progress. Depending the individual, you can expect to burn anywhere from 400-1000 Kcal in a bootcamp session.

Using the video guides provided in our private facebook group, you’ll learn how to work out your individual energy requirements and how to create a sustainable caloric deficit – which is the only way to reduce your bodyfat levels.


“Ive tried to exercise before but I struggle to stick to anything”

It can be really difficult to stay on top of your exercise levels on your own. But when you find a method of exercising that you actually enjoy and therefore adhere to, while learning the principles behind the mystery of fat loss, suddenly you’ll be making steady progress towards your weight loss goal.


Where does it end, and how to make sure I don’t ‘yo-yo’?

We firmly believe that longer term, we need to learn to love the process rather than constantly trying to chase a goal of ‘thinner’, ‘lighter’ or even worse ‘skinnier’.

Once you have a healthy body composition and you’re feeling all the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise, the end goal will no longer be weight loss.

You’ll have developed a healthy relationship with food, drink, and exercise, and voilà! you are your own personal trainer.


Faster is not better!

We will NEVER try to sell you hyped up, “quick fix” weight loss pills/powders. We want to arm you with the knowledge needed to build long term, healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

(and anyone who does, obviously doesn’t have your best interest at heart)