Schedule of Classes at Bombers Physical Training in Modbury, DevonSchedule of Classes at Bombers Physical Training in Modbury, Devon

Class Schedule

Aerobic Intervals

These 'HIIT' sessions form a 'cardio only' element for both our strength and conditioning, and our fundamentals programme and will illicit massive improvements to your cardiovascular fitness, recovery rate, and overall work capacity.

This class is split into 2 sections, if you're pressed for time you may choose to attend only one part, you'll be in and out in 25 minutes!


We use a range of formats to keep sessions engaging and challenging, and to ensure the best possible progress. Each session contains a mix of elements from aerobic, functional strength, and endurance.


Designed to build strength and power, utilising barbells, Dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Follow our in-house strength programming to guarantee steady strength gains. Learning how to lift weights safely and effectively will speed up your strength gains and reduce risk of injury.

Fundamentals - S&C

These classes are focused on mastering the essential movements and techniques. We combine strength exercises with aerobic exercises to create improvements in all areas of your fitness.

Fundamentals - Barbell

These classes are designed to introduce complete beginners to strength training. Gain knowledge and confidence as your strength grows!

Beginners Yoga

A dynamic stretching class with a focus on developing functional flexibility, mobility, and core strength. This group class is suitable for complete beginners, but don't be fooled - you'll be able to scale and challenge yourself as your flexibility, awareness, and confidence grow!

Vinyasa Yoga

The classes incorporate mindful breathing and meditation, flowing movements, a variety of postures, and ends with deep relaxation (Shavasana). Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or would like to deepen your practice further, the classes provide adjustments and adaptations to suit your needs. Gentle and calming music will complement our practice as you let go of your stresses and make time for yourself.

Small Group Personal Training

This time is allocated for private small group PT sessions - If you're interested in hearing more, please contact us!

"With hard work, with belief, with confidence in yourself and trust in those around you, there are no limits" -Michael Phelps

Book your No Sweat intro
Book your No Sweat intro
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