Schedule of Classes at Bombers Physical Training in Modbury, DevonSchedule of Classes at Bombers Physical Training in Modbury, Devon

Class Schedule

Class types

Bombers Blueprint

Shown in blue, these classes are our bread and butter!
Scaled versions of every workout are available, making these sessions accessible for most abilities!

These classes follow our Bombers blueprint programme, which shares a lot of commonalities with CrossFit, however we are not an CrossFit affiliate.

The weightlifting class is dedicated to improving your Olympic lifts: Cleans & jerk and Snatches. We practice a variety of weightlifting drills and complexes to enhance those movements. No matter how good a lifter you are, there is always room to improve!

Sweat classes are our 'engine building' classes - these are mixed intensity MetCon workouts, with a combination of cardio, weighted, and gymnastic exercises.

Sports S&C

Shown in dark green, these are sport-specific Strength and Conditioning sessions.

Strength for Runners
Physio-Led Sports performance sessions for runners, aspiring runners, and those who run in their sport. Improve performance and support your training with targeted strength, mobility and functional movements.

Sports team sessions
Local sports teams can enquire about training with us!


Physio clinic

Small-group clinics for those following rehab programmes from our physio team. To attend, you must have completed an initial assessment [Non-members book here]

Youth Gym

These sessions provide a safe and friendly environment for 14-16 year olds to learn effective strength and conditioning methods and techniques.

"With hard work, with belief, with confidence in yourself and trust in those around you, there are no limits" -Michael Phelps

Book your No Sweat intro
Book your No Sweat intro
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