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Functional fitness

This programme is designed to build strength, power and endurance, and increase the bodies gymnastic ability.

These classes are our most physically challenging and technical, so are best suited to experienced athletes and gym-goers.

We suggest for beginners start with our fundamentals programme

Our signature functional fitness programme

Session types within our Functional fitness programme:

Functional Fitness

Shown in blue, these classes will push you to maximise your athletic potential.

Scaled versions of every workout are available, making these sessions accessible for most abilities!

Functional fitness
These classes follow the main movements from our signature daily strength programme, and include elements from our functional fitness and Weekly conditioning programmes. These are our most challenging sessions, working in a more competitive group environment you'll push each other to build more strength, power and endurance. Think AMRAPs, EMOMs, and RFT workouts.

The weightlifting class is dedicated to improving your Olympic lifts: Cleans & jerk and Snatches. We practice a variety of weightlifting drills and complexes to enhance those movements. No matter how good a lifter you are, there is always room to improve!

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Training isn't meant to be easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. We're easily accessible just off the A379 with private parking on site.

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"With hard work, with belief, with confidence in yourself and trust in those around you, there are no limits" -Michael Phelps

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